10.900 Inhabitants
09526 Zipcode
1617 Founded


Olbernhau is nestled in the lovely valleys of the Flöha and its tributaries. Beautiful beech and fir forests as well as a number of mountains surround the city.

Settlement of the upper Flöha was completed at the end of the 15th century.

During the Thirty Years War, a Swedish revenge attack completely burned down the church, rectory, manor, and school as well as many houses. The discovery and extraction of silver-containing copper ores in 1537 prompted “Bergmeister” C. C. Leonhardt to construct a Saiger smelting mill in Grünthal. The Saigerhütte Grünthal museum complex bears unique witness to the working and living conditions of people of that period and to the history of non-ferrous metallurgy in Europe. Between February and November or December, the great copper hammer is demonstrated in Althammer. In 1681, the individual who owned the manor at that time obtained concession rights for a gunsmith’s operation; in 1703, gunsmiths from Suhl were enlisted and a rifle manufacturing plant was built. Since the end of mining and rifle production in the 18th century, Olbernhau has moved on to become the centre of the Erzgebirge toy making industry. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a wealth of different artisanal handmade toys. So it is hardly surprising that a small carved wooden rider is the symbol for our city. Gingerbread women and nutcrackers – also traditional figures – are abundant in Olbernau during the Christmas season.

Currently there are about 900 principal and ancillary artisan enterprises. Especially noteworthy are wood, lathe and toy manufacturing, construction and construction-related businesses, metalworking, and social, nursing and health services, along with other service industries.

The city offers you two museums, a youth and cultural centre that also serves as a theatre, a city library, a meetings and sports house with playgrounds, a public swimming pool (an indoor pool is under construction), fitness options, and paths for bicycling and walking. We have earned and work to preserve the designation, “a family friendly place.”