Developing Regions, Displaying Economic Strengths, Offering Living Space

Regions have to be developed! This fact hasn’t been lost on the people of the Erzgebirge. As early as the year 2000, four districts joined together to jointly promote regional development.

Today, twelve cities and the Erzgebirge District (formed in 2008) are part of the regional initiative which has thus assumed responsibility for the commercial and historical region of the Erzgebirge which now has approx. 500,000 inhabitants.

An important result of their joint work is the formation of Erzgebirge Regional Management with its permanent headquarters at the Erzgebirge Business Development Agency. 
In the competition between the regions for investors, workers, tourists and inhabitants, the Erzgebirge region must also position its own profile with an eye towards the future. The region’s strengths are its people and their special skills. They understand how to effectively combine mental work and handwork – they are cut from a line of people who liked to tinker and sweat the details. Thus, the Erzgebirge offers the ideal conditions if you want your ideas to take off. This is true for the industrial areas as well as for handwork and the tourism industry.

Regional development is a long-term process. Erzgebirge Regional Management has set up a promising programme with a clear vision called “Erzgebirge 2020” – an attractive business location in Germany with the best conditions for life and work.