The Erzgebirge as the Ideal Holiday Region

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter – the Erzgebirge are always full of surprises, and attract countless tourists with the diversity of their attractions. Experience the most beautiful side of the Erzgebirge and be sure to discover the diversity of the entire holiday region.

In the Erzgebirge, every season has its own beauty. Are you curious about all that the region has to offer? We can guarantee that you’ll find just the right thing for your personal tastes here.

See for yourself – preferably through a personal visit. 

We wish you much pleasure in discovering the secrets, special features, unique characteristics and extraordinary attractions throughout the Erzgebirge holiday region.

Wonderful hiking.

The theme of “hiking” is written in capital letters in the Erzgebirge. An extensive network of well-marked hiking trails invites you to relax in nature. In addition to outdoors relaxation in natural surroundings, would you also like to do something else for your health? Then you have the perfect opportunity to find spa facilities in many towns with health resorts.


The beauty of the austere, scenic landscape, the climate of the uplands, abundant cultural opportunities, many chances for new experiences for young and old, extensive lodging capacities (22,500 beds in over 500 commercial establishments) as well as a wealth of sports activities, including cycling, horseback riding and skiing are all important elements the richness of the Erzgebirge region as the perfect site for your holiday.

On the move.

In the Erzgebirge, things are in motion-there is a steam-powered light railway, mine tramways and the oldest aerial cableway in Germany. Here you can travel in exciting, unusual ways. Also, you’ll be able to go very high up into the Ore Mountains. There are a number of observation towers, climbing rocks and climbing gardens awaiting the climbing enthusiast who just wants to get to the top.

Water fun.

Opportunities for fun in the water come in all sizes in the Erzgebirge. In earlier times, water power served as a motor for the mountain people, and today it is the year-round catalyst for active persons seeking enjoyment and for persons who are convalescing. There are recreational and spa baths, “open-air” outdoor swimming pools and artificial lakes. Come to the Erzgebirge and experience them for yourself!


Every region has its own history. The Erzgebirge are particularly rich in this respect. In our region, you can experience history up close and personal – in six fortresses and castles, several dozen museums, churches and more than 15 mines that are open to tourists. Get to know the friendly residents of the Erzgebirge at concerts, at the theatre, at festivals and also in places that are far off the beaten path.


The old traditions and secrets of the people who live in the Erzgebirge especially come alive at Christmas time. A special magic radiates here, leaving a special sparkle in the eyes of both children and adults. Because the slopes and valleys throughout the entire Erzgebirge region have deep snow, the hearts of winter sports enthusiasts also beat faster as well.