11.000 Inhabitants
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1212 Founded


The city of Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge and its locality of Neuwürschnitz are located in the Erzgebirge District of Saxony. Because of its proximity to the cities of Chemnitz (location of the state coordinator) and Zwickau, excellent transportation access is assured by the Autobahn connections A4 and A72. As of 11/2008, the total area of the city is 26.34 km², and its population is 12,269.

The foundation of the city was certainly the “Oeslnitz-Lugau” coal-mining district. The dominant coal mine that operated between 1844 and 1971 completely links the city of Olesnitz/Erzgebirge with the idea of mining. The first coal was mined at a depth of nine metres in January 1844 by the Zwickau mining entrepreneur, Karl Gottlob Wolf, an event that then launched an eventful period.

For the education and care of children and adolescents, five schools in the city accommodate children of all ages, and there are 7 possible day care placements for young children and grade school students, providing a wide range of options. The schools are divided into two grade schools, one middle school, a vocational high school and a special education school centre.

If you are looking for the chance to attend concerts, balls, company presentations, theatre performances, sports events, fairs, exhibitions and galas for young and old, then the civic centre is the perfect destination. Even leasing a bowling alley is no problem for the very flexibly equipped presentation hall.

With its presentation of “Saxony Day - Tag der Sachsen” that will take place at the beginning of September 2010, the city once more stands at the centre of the Free State.