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Brand-Erbisdorf has its roots in the row settlement (Waldhufe) village of Erbisdorf, founded in the second half of the 12th century, and the miner’s settlement of Brand, originally founded as a commune in 1515 (and given the legal status of a city since 1834). Until the end of the 19th century, silver mining and agriculture were the dominant economic activities. In 1912, the two towns were united. Including the town districts of Gränitz, Himmelsfürst, Langenau, Linda, Oberreichenbach and Sankt Michaelis, its current population is about 10,700.

It contains priceless historically preserved mining facilities, such as the “Buttermilk Gate”, “Bartholomäusschacht” (Bartholomew’s Mineshaft), which is now a mining demonstration facility, and the Mining and Homeland Colliery Museum, “Einigkeit,” with its collection of machinery and models depicting mining from the 19th century. Also well worth visiting are the town hall (Rathaus) built in 1858 and reconstructed in 1993, as well as the exquisitely rehabilitated ensemble of mining buildings at the “Zugspitze,” where the “Alte Mordgrube” mine was operated, beginning in 1516.

Since the decline of mining as a way of life, small and heavy industry have marked the industrial profile of the city. There are now 6 industrial zones in Brand-Erbisdorf that are attractive for new businesses. However, the city also offers much green space in its residential districts, such as parks. There is active relaxation and recreation to be found in the nearby woods with a natural swimming pond, the “Erzengler Teich.” A nature and mining history trail invites visitors to wander and learn. The diverse educational landscape includes grade and middle school, a special education school, and a grammar school. Independent providers of childcare services have received extensive praise. And of course, there are lots of celebrations: there is the traditional vintage car rally in mid-June, the Haldenfest at the end of July, and the Stollen Market around the second week of Advent. You will feel welcome!