19.700 Inhabitants
09456 zipcode
1496 Founded


The mining and Adam-Ries city, Annaberg-Buchholz, is situated in the heart of the “silvery” Erzgebirge in a heavenly spot at the foot of the Pöhlberg mountain, between Germany’s highest elevated city, Oberwiesenthal, and Chemnitz. This city demonstrates a wonderful symbiosis between tradition and invention, and between history and modernity.

Historically influenced by the mining industry, it went on to develop special expertise in metal processing. This included the manufacture of seals and aluminium castings, which established Annaberg-Buchholz as an important supplier to the aerospace and automobile industries. The city’s close connections with its origins are apparent everywhere. St Anne’s Church with its famous Bergaltar, the Frohnau hammer mill, the miner’s nativity crèche in the Bergkirche and the three visitor’s mines bring the great spirit of the past to life for every visitor. With the exhibition, “Manufacturing Dreams,” one of the largest collections of Erzgebirge folk art will first open its doors on 31 October 2010.

In addition, the textile industry is also a significant component of the city’s economic development. Historically, ornamental textile trimmings from Annaberg-Buchholz were a major export. Today, they are produced on the most modern machinery for export to many countries and may well decorate many an Eastern palace.

Today, original Erzgebirge butter stollen are as much loved in the United States and Canada as in Germany.

In the Adam Ries museum, a treasure trove of mathematics, the legacy of the German mathematician, Adam Ries, who lived in Anneberg between 1522 and 1559, comes to life once again. Today, his legacy is being carried on to the future at the Adam-Ries Educational Centre, in the annual Adam Ries student competition, and through high-level scientific colloquia. Traditional celebrations, such as the Christmas Market with the great miner’s parade on the fourth day of Advent, and the ‘Annaberg KÄT’ draw tens of thousands of tourists every year to Annaberg-Buchholz. Bobbin days and woodcarving days demonstrate new trends in traditional handcrafts. A lively youth culture scene, the broad repertoire at the Eduard-von-Winterstein Theatre, and activities sponsored by numerous arts and cultural associations assure a broad-minded creative atmosphere in Annaberg-Buchholz.

You should take the opportunity to personally experience the diversity and vast array of attractions offered by the city of Annberg-Buchholz and enjoy a visit to the heart of the “silvery” Erzgebirge.